What most excites you about your work?

I am on a personal journey to develop myself in several disciplines: personal character, critical thinking, professionalism, competence, emotional awareness, and increasing opportunity. The relationships I have at TFO have made me better in each of these ways.


Why did you choose TFO Family Office Partners?

Excellence & mentoring — the way you learn to think is greatly shaped by your daily interactions and environment. The incremental development of your incumbent mental framework will create a foundation primed for curiosity and growth. I chose TFO because they demonstrated the ability to create this environment.


What are some of your life's biggest influences?

Learning how to fail and be resilient in life, while humbling, helps me learn to pursue what I do with no hesitation and helps me understand the outcome is sometimes out of my control. A mindset of life ownership and responsibility helps me set each day with intention.


Grand Canyon University

Maranatha Baptist University
B.S. Business

Hobbies and Interests

  • Making friends
  • Active living
  • Pool days
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