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Tax Consulting and Compliance

Comprehensive income tax planning and efficient preparation services designed to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize the wealth available for your purpose. Our team of experienced Certified Public Accountants and tax professionals use their expertise to identify and implement income tax solutions in both your business and personal realms to preserve more of your hard-earned wealth.

Questions That Might Be On Your Mind

  • What strategies might exist to reduce my near-term tax liabilities?
  • Am I positioned to take advantage of a new tax law?
  • I’m probably just a few years away from selling at least part of my business. Are there structural changes I should consider to try to reduce the income tax associated with a potential sale?
  • Is my business and personal debt structured most advantageously from a tax perspective?
  • I’m in the real estate business. Am I taking maximum advantage of the tax laws relative to real estate holdings and entities?

Because your tax professionals are a tightly-integrated unit of your entire TFO service team, you should rest assured that we understand all the elements of your financial life: Your balance sheet, income statement, investment strategy, cash flow plan, and the major events you have in mind for the future. No more having to call different firms to try to get them to understand where you’re going and the important pieces of your financial world. It’s all under one roof of experienced professionals.


Our integrated approach allows us to plan with the knowledge of your family’s financial goals and an understanding of how everything fits together.

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