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Our investment strategies strive to achieve your outcomes while mitigating your risks and expenses.

Questions That Might Be On Your Mind

  • The economic environment seems really uncertain right now. Should I wait to invest until things calm down?
  • How much of my portfolio should be in stocks? How much in less-volatile investments?
  • How can I minimize the costs of fees and taxes?
  • What sectors or stocks do you think will do best next year?
  • Private investments seem to be growing in popularity? Should I consider them?
  • If I become a TFO client, will you simply sell all of my existing investments? What about the unrealized gains currently in my portfolio?

Our data-driven investment approach isn’t built around hunches or market forecasts. We’ve spent decades evaluating objective investment research about what works for investors and what doesn’t.


We’ve tried to build an investment approach rooted in science that helps our clients ignore the noise of market forecasts and hunches, knowing that instead, they have decades of robust evidence on their side.

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Our Investment Approach

A Belief in the Power of Markets

Far too often, wealthy families are led to believe that complicated, opaque, “black box” strategies, which are regularly accompanied by high fees, are the way that the supposedly “smart money” invests. At TFO, you’ll have comfort and confidence about what you own and why you own it. You can also rest assured that we don’t receive any fees from the investment products we recommend; our success is aligned with yours.

Five key tenets summarize our intelligent, straightforward investment approach:


Risk and Return Are Related

Higher potential returns always require accepting some uncertainty. But not every risk should be expected to produce an expected reward, and we help you to avoid those that don’t.


The Future Is Uncertain

No one knows the future. Our approach is designed to provide you peace of mind by diversifying your portfolio across a wide sample of securities, sectors, and geographies. It is our hope that you won’t lose sleep worrying about a big bet on one stock or one sector of the market, and you’ll increase your odds of capturing the long-term returns that the markets have historically provided.


Fees and Taxes Are Important

One of the simplest, yet most powerful ways to outperform your investing peers is to keep costs low. Similarly, taxable investors should pay close attention to the impact of taxes on their investment returns. We are keenly focused on reducing these frictions with the goal of keeping as much of your hard-earned wealth in your pocket, not the investment manager’s or the government’s.


Use Academic Research to Target the Drivers of Higher Expected Returns

While we believe diversification and low costs are key elements of a successful investment program, we don’t limit our portfolios to just index funds. Academic evidence tells us that certain stock characteristics are connected to higher expected returns. We embrace this evidence and use it to try to efficiently capture improved long-term returns for our clients.


Behavior is Critical

Investments don’t move in a straight line, and the most brilliant investment approach in the world won’t be successful if you can’t stick with it through the inevitable rough patches. We recognize that successful investing involves tempering your emotions and assessing each situation carefully to determine the right course of action. We believe our clients view us as part sage, part coach, as we help them make informed decisions in a perpetually changing world.

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