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Family Governance

Your family’s connections are strengthened when you have a common purpose, shared values that are clearly defined, and a collaborative framework for decision-making.

Questions That Might Be On Your Mind

  • How can I help promote the values that helped create my wealth to the rest of my family?
  • How can my family feel more “connected” without losing our individualism and independence?
  • How can I put a structure in place that avoids creating a perception of entitlement within my younger generations while improving the likelihood that our wealth will be sustainable through time?
  • What can my family do today to help us work together harmoniously into the future?

A family that communicates and collaborates with each other should consider itself a success regardless of its financial status. But for wealthy families, these attributes are even more valuable, as they can minimize the risk of future family conflict and increase the sustainability of wealth.


Passing on values and teaching future generations how to work together effectively helps to develop enduring relationships and family ties.

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