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Philanthropic Planning & Activities

Our thorough approach ensures that you aren’t just giving away money; you’re confident that your wealth is efficiently enabling the organizations and activities that you are passionate about.

Questions That Might Be On Your Mind

  • My approach to charitable giving feels fragmented and uncoordinated. How can I build a plan that I can feel good about?
  • How can I figure out the “alphabet soup” of charitable structures, and which approach is best for me?
  • What are other wealthy families doing to support the causes they are passionate about?

Whether you have a long history of philanthropy or are just starting to think about the benefits of giving, we can help you create a specific giving plan aligned with your goals.

This robust discovery process gives you and us a stepping stone to…

Philanthropic Planning

Coordinate a philanthropic survey to refine the causes and organizations you wish to support, develop grant guidelines, and adopt the optimal giving strategies.

Philanthropic Planning

Review the attributes of the available charitable vehicles, through the different lenses of taxes, control and cash flow to identify the best approach for you.

Philanthropic Planning

Implement a grant review process to ensure that your philanthropic initiatives are accomplishing your stated objectives.


Philanthropy is a way for us to leave a footprint and make a positive impact. When it comes to charity, one size does not fit all.

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