What most excites you about your work?

I really enjoy helping families understand the different aspects of their wealth and helping them build a plan for the future. Often I see families overly focused on the dollar amount in their account instead of spending time thinking about how they’d like to enjoy those dollars. We’ll work together to build a long-term plan and then refer back to it when there’s a big lifestyle decision to make. I love it when I can help give them the peace of mind to take that extra vacation!


Why did you choose TFO Family Office Partners?

It’s all about our values: Care, Help More, Do the Right Thing, Dig Deeper, and Make It Fun. We truly live those values on a daily basis. My TFO colleagues are my second family. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.


What are some of your life's biggest influences?

I’ve always been an analytical person; I know I get that from my dad. Before the days of personal finance software, my dad actually used to write down on ledger paper every penny they spent. He did this every day. My job was to then enter that information into a spreadsheet and categorize each item. My parents instilled in me at a young age the value of a dollar and how important it is to budget and track your finances.


San Diego State University
B.S. Finance

Hobbies and Interests

  • Spending time with my family
  • Baking
  • Sports (watching, not playing)
  • Anything crafty
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